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Prototype 2.0

In the 2nd project phase of SoilAssist the scientists are working on the further development and improvement of the prototype developed in the 1st project phase to create a prototype 2.0.

Other harvesting methods and machines, such as sugar beet harvesters and combine harvesters, are included in the investigations. Especially during sugar beet harvesting, very high wheel loads (due to the payload during harvesting) occur, which are often accompanied by humid soil conditions in autumn. Therefore, there is a high risk of compaction during beet harvesting.

To be able to use the on-board assistance system for sugar beet harvesting as well, we have equipped a beet harvester with the sensor system platform. This was done in cooperation with Maschinenring Ambergau, Rodegenossenschaft Ambergau, and the Grimme company. During the harvest campaign, the sensor data is recorded and is available to the on-board assistance system. The on-board assistance system can therefore be adapted to the specific requirements of the sugar beet harvest and then make appropriate adaptations to the driving during the harvest.

Further information and results of the prototype 2.0 can be found here at the end of the 2nd project phase.

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