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Possibilities and limits of regeneration measures

What are technical and natural regeneration measures of soil compaction?

The aim is to show the possibilities and limits of technical and natural regeneration measures of soil compaction, which result from the investigations of the greened headland and the recurrent tests on trial field 1 as well as a literature analysis.

For this purpose, an extensive literature analysis will be carried out to shed light on the current state of knowledge on the subject of the regenerative capacity of soils with regard to soil compaction. Not only the natural regenerative capacity of soils will be included, but also the technical possibilities for the remediation of soil compaction in the subsoil (e.g. deep ploughing with subsequent stabilization of the soil structure through adapted crop rotations and catch crop cultivation). In addition, the results of recurrent experiments on field 1 are included in order to work out the possibilities and limits of regeneration processes for the investigated site under real management conditions.

The results will contribute to a better understanding of compaction processes and their potential and real regenerative capacity under real management conditions and are therefore also an important component for the assessment of the harmfulness of soil compaction and its evaluation.

Results on this topic can be found at the end of the 2nd project phase here.

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