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Regeneration of soil compaction

Can agricultural soils regenerate under real operating conditions?

In the 1st project phase of SoilAssist, the scientists carried out soil investigations at selected points on test field 1, which were assigned to certain traffic intensity classes (calculated with FiTraM). In order to investigate the "natural" regeneration capacity under real operating conditions, these points will be re-sampled after three years. A comparison of the measurement results of the 1st project phase and after three years (2nd phase) allows a first assessment of the possible natural regeneration of the soil under real operating conditions.

These investigations will be continued in the further course of the project in order to be able to record long-term effects and changes. The soil investigations will be carried out together with the project partners Thuenen AT, CAU, and the Coordination Unit Soil.

Results on this topic can be found here at the end of the 2nd project phase.

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