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Decision matrix workability

Soil tillage operations depend on the respective trafficability as well as on the workability. For this purpose, a supplementary approach was further developed, which provides information about the optimum soil moisture content for optimum workability. This approach based on the same basic data as used for the "decision matrix trafficability" (including soil type and soil moisture).

To evaluate the workability of arable land as a function of soil type and soil moisture, the approach of Petelkau et al. 1983 was modified and adapted. Analogous to the "decision matrix trafficability" the soil types were assigned and supplemented according to KA5. Thus it is possible to derive the optimal working area in dependence of soil type and soil moisture, analogous to the passability.

With this approach, aspects of optimal soil cultivation can now also be included in the investigations of the trafficability of soils. This is an important aspect in soil cultivation to achieve an optimal cultivation result. Only in connection with trafficability and workability an optimal soil cultivation can take place.

In a next step, different soil cultivation equipment and methods will be integrated into the analysis. The corresponding operations will be integrated into the operational modelling in order to be able to map complete production cycles.

You will find the results at the end of the 2nd project phase here.

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