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Geometric environment representation

Hyperspectral 3D scans are used to support farmers in the management planning of their fields. This allows the environment to be divided into different categories and different soil properties to be assigned.

To generate a semantically annotated 3D environment model, hyperspectral 3D scans are taken. The high information content of the data makes it possible to divide the environment into different categories. Field crops, fallow arable land or access roads can easily be distinguished and processed with the help of artificial intelligence. For example, different soil properties can be assigned to specific locations.

This information is processed in the SoilAssist planning system in order to provide the farmer with the best possible support in planning the cultivation of his land. Once the planning system is fully developed, it should be possible to automatically simulate and evaluate different types of field traffic on the basis of the collected environmental data, and to generate recommendations for action to ensure that cultivation is as soil conserving as possible.

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